April 28th, 2010

k and j

update on Molly

I just spoke with the vet and all of Molly's blood work came back perfect.  He said his best guess as to what happened is that when they were taking blood Molly jumped or moved or something and the tip of the needle actually cut her jugular vein and caused excess bleeding.  He said that it will take a little time for all of the blood to reabsorb in her body.  He said that gravity is what is making it spread down her chest.  She is hyper and bouncy as ever so I think my little girl is on the mends!

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i won't spam you with all of the pictures i took of marty today but they are in my journal if you'd like to look :) anyway we've had him over a month now and he's getting so big so fast :(( he's such a good puppy though and i can't imagine not having him. i'm already begging my boyfriend for another boston and as soon as we have our own house with a yard I'M SO GETTING ONE hahaha anyway just wanted to say hi to all the other boston parents out there!