May 18th, 2010

boston terrier cute

Boston Terrier lost in Dover, Delaware

I don't know if anyone has seen Brady's thread on the Woof Board or not?

 But Brady's family needs all the help they can get. Brady has been missing since 5-15.

This is what his mom said:

I can't even sort my thoughts ....I am hysterical and have EVERYONE out looking for him.....BRADY is LOST!!!!! 2 hours ago...we are at the NASCAR races in Dover Delaware camping with THOUSANDS of people and a table flipped over, his leash was wrapped around it and started choking him......his collar slipped off of him with all his I.D. information and he is NOT chipped....He started running because he was so scared and I chased him for what seemed like miles and he wouldn't stop.....he was SOOOO SCARED and SPOOKED!!! He ran through a field and across the street and into a retirement community that opens up into fields and fields of land.....

I don't know what else to do....we called ASPCA and all the local vets and NASCAR security.....Please Please....

Anyone in the Dover Delaware area....PLEASE use your resources and any suggestions or help anyone can provide!!! I need my Lil Man back!!!

I feel so helpless......I can't leave to go home without him!!!

Brady's story has appeared in the local newspaper and has been broadcasted on the local radio several times. The last lead they had was from a farmer who saw a silver sedan stop and take Brady into their car. It was a mom and a little girl. Is anyone in the Dover area?? 

Brady has a facebook page. Please spread the word!/FindBrady?ref=ts
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We may be crazy

My boyfriend and I have lost our minds, so we celebrated our insanity with another furbaby. :) Her name is Ellie and she is 8 weeks old. Although she's a Boxer pup, I can hardly take a picture of her without our Boston Harvard getting in the shot, so I hope it's ok to share them both.

Right after they met! He was a bit surprised ^-^

Pillow butt. :)

Peek a boo!
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