May 27th, 2010


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ok guys i need your advice

lately marty has been really itchy, like reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllllly itchy and i can tell he hasn't been sleeping well at night because i hear him scratching in his crate and it wakes me up periodically. he doesn't have fleas, he's on flea medicine and the vet checked him over just a week ago and said he didn't have any fleas. the spots that are the worst are right above his tail and his back legs. i bought this for him at petsmart and it's helped the itching but while i was there some nutritionist lady saw what i was buying and said that the itchiness could be caused by a food allergy and recommended that i switch his food. he was on science diet and she told me i should try nutro max puppy formula, the lamb and rice. i figured i'd try it since i read that science diet wasn't very good for him anyway. so i slowly started mixing it into his old food and each time i'd increase it he seemed fine, ate all of it as usual. yesterday was the first day he was finally on a full portion of just the nutro and now he won't eat at all! he isn't usually a picky eater so i thought maybe his tummy hurt from changing the food even though i changed it as gradually as the lady said. then of course at work i had to be paranoid and start googling stuff about the nutro and people were saying how it was recalled and their dogs started shying away from it and when they kept up on them trying to eat it eventually they got sick.

SO NOW I'M AT A TOTAL LOSS! if he's just being picky i'll keep trying to get him to eat it, especially if it really is better for him and helps with the itchiness. but, if it's going to make him sick i don't want to keep pushing it on him.

what would you guys do? sorry this is so long, here is a picture of the little evilness so it's not text only: