May 30th, 2010

My poor boy can't get any breaks!

As you may (or may not) know, Ozzy has one eye.

Yesterday, we noticed him squinting a lot and his eye was watering real bad. He wouldn't keep his eye open. When we finally got him to open his eye, there was a thick cloudy blue film OVER his eye (not in his eye like cataracts would be). We took him to the vet right away...and he has an ulcer. :( An ulcer is the reason why his first eye had to be removed, after it wouldn't heal. I feel so bad for the little guy! I'm 99% sure he can't see anything right now, and if he can see, we think he might be able to see shadows.

Anyway, we took him to the vet and the better news comes here...she said we caught it really early. It's about the size of the tip of a pencil. She gave him an anti-inflammatory/pain reliever oral suspension to give him in the morning, and we have to give him eye drops and put eye ointment in his eye twice a day. She said right now, since we caught it really early, there's a pretty good chance his eye will heal just fine. She said that she thinks that right now, we're probably looking at giving him eye ointment once a day after it heals. Which is absolutely fine and I'm more than willing to whatever it takes to keep his eye. Not for my sake, but for his. If he did go blind or have to have his eye removed, I'd still keep him, no doubts about it. He's my baby boy and I love love love him. I just want him to live the rest of his life in amazing bliss after the hell he had to go through before the rescue found him.

So I'm praying really hard that his eye will make a complete recovery, or even a decent recovery where he at least has some sort of vision if he can't make a complete recovery. I just feel so bad for the little dude and even though he's not letting it really effect him too much, I still just feel bad.

The vet said he may just be prone to ulcers, or because he already had his one eye removed, his other eye may be trying to produce extra tears/whatever else is needed for the eye, to make up for the other eye. She said that this is why she feels we may just have to do the daily ointment, which will be no bother to me. I just want to save his eye! :(

Anyway, please keep him in your thoughts/prayers/whatever you do. :) We go back in a week to see how it's healing.

My boys watching Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs together. :)
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