June 2nd, 2010

beware of dog

a vet story (with old pictures)

(Part of this is about Scruffi, a non-Boston furry family member.)

Lainie has not been feeling well. She lost a tooth trying to attack another dog with a door between them, and she somehow injured a ligament (or was it tendon?) in her knee. Have you ever seen a Boston baby not bounce? It's a sad, sorry sight.

I had an out-of-town appointment today, so my mother took Lainie to the vet along with Scruffi, the fluffy dog in my icon. Scruffi's seizures had been getting worse and worse, plus she seemed to be constantly itching, so Mom wanted to have her checked out. Also, it was time for Scruffi's yearly shots.

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Can you help me find this toy???

So, about two years ago we bought a 3- pack of balls from Target. They were different colors and had a halloween themed design on them. They had these packs at just about every holiday (For sure Valentine's Day and Christmas too- maybe Easter?)

Anyway, Benton LOVES his ball. We're down to one. And well, I don't think you can even call it a ball anymore:
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Close up:
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Does anyone know what company makes these? I've tried looking at target.com, various google searches and my local target. The last time I bought the pack it was in Southern California, and now I live in Seattle- so I'm not sure if it's a geographical thing or what.

Does anyone know if these are still available? Benton is CRAZY over this ball. He will literally fall asleep with it in his mouth! We've tried finding other plastic type balls to replace it with and he literally will snub them!
Kevin Peterson art

Swim Therapy

My 5 month old Peedee is doing swim therapy to help build the muscle in his leg. As some of you know, Peedee had a cast on for about 8 weeks due to a broken tibia he sustained before we got him. Anyway, he's doing great :)