June 4th, 2010

Small update on Ozzy and a bunch of pics. :)

I posted on Sunday about my poor Ozzy having an ulcer in his eye. He's been on an anti-inflammatory/pain reliever, eye drops, and eye ointment since Saturday evening and it really seems he's making progress! His check-up is on Monday, but he's already starting to act more like himself. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, he was pretty lazy and would barely ever open his eye, and it kept watering. None of that is typical Ozzy behavior. The past few days his eye is almost always open and he's been playing again. He's still having a hard time seeing, but from what I can tell, the ulcer is definitely healing. On Saturday, his entire eye was covered in this thick blue film. That film is starting to go away, and you can see the brown in his eye again, but it's still covering the black part of the eye, so he still can't see too well. But shrinking blue film is a good sign, right? I'm pretty hopeful that his appointment will go well on Monday! Thanks to all of you that have kept him in your thoughts/prayers...it seems to be working!

After his eye is all healed, I want to go talk to a doggie ophthalmologist. We're 99% sure he's developing a cataract in his eye. I don't believe it's fully developed nor does it cover the whole eye, but half of it has that cloudy appearance. I also want to ask if there is a surgery or something they can do for him to help prevent further ulcers, or see what they recommend to help us try and keep them away. He's only 2 and already only has one eye, so we want his good eye to be in perfect health for him! We're not rich people who can afford that kind of surgery, so I'm going to start making dog collars and homemade dog treats and selling them on Etsy, to my friends/family, and set up a table at the local dog park on weekends to try and raise some money for it. I've also considering taking the stuff into pet stores and see if they'll help sell it for me. I really want him to have a good eye so he can see and experience all the great stuff this world has to offer, ESPECIALLY since he's still so young!

Anyway, I'll get you to the good stuff....pictures! There's also a few days of his eye progression in there. AND he got a new collar today, and he looks very handsome in it. :)
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