June 7th, 2010

Sad Update :(

Ozzy's appointment was this morning. I've been sad all day. The ulcer has gotten worse. The vet explained it as basically having a crater in his eye. :( There's this decently big indentation, and we had seen it, but we thought that it was that film we had seen starting to come off. :(

She said hope isn't gone, and that he has a better chance of keeping his eye if he goes and sees a specialist. So, she's given us a referral to the doggie ophthalmologist. This is gonna be expensive, but we're going to try to save his eye for him. We'll do what we can, anyway.

I already made my Etsy shop selling dog treats to help us pay for the cost. In 2 weeks, I'll buy the supplies to make dog collars and other stuff. But for now I'm hoping some of the treats sell so that way we can get him the first visit. Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know. Thanks for keeping Ozzy in your thoughts/prayers! <3 I really appreciate it!

ETA: Since it was asked for, this is my Etsy store. I really don't expect anything out of you guys though, just so you know. If you want to help, that's awesome. If you can't/don't want to -- NO HARD FEELINGS! I promise. :) Much love to you and your Bostons!
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