June 13th, 2010

Ozzy's first eye appointment!

Ozzy had his first visit with the ophthalmologist on Friday! At first, I thought this was a train-wreck in the making. My sister got to my house about 10 minutes late to watch Nathan, so I was running late. As soon as I left, I called and told them I was running late. The receptionist was like "Well, how late? Because Dr. Ebinger leaves at 12 for lunch." and she said it with some attitude. So I was like "Well, probably 5 to 10 minutes late, but we'll be there before 12, for sure! I'm SO SORRY!" and she was like "Well, he leaves for lunch at exactly 12." and I apologized again, and she was like "mm. Bye." and was really bitchy about it. I was just thinking how rude she was, this was going to be bad, and I mean, the appointment was supposed to be at 11:30, so if leaving at 12 is THAT important to him, would he have cut the visit short just to go to lunch, even if I were to be on time?!

And then I'm on the expressway (and this place is a little far, so I never really go out this way), there was construction and I missed my exit because the construction exit sign was SUPER small, and it wasn't posted a mile or 1/2 mile before the exit. Oh no, it was posted RIGHT at the beginning of the exit ramp. And then the next exit was closed. So I had to drive about 4 extra miles to get off the expressway, turn around, and get back on...then drive another 4 miles back to the exit I originally missed.

So now I'm about 20 minutes late. 10 minutes to 12. I feel awful and I'm all super nervous that they're going to make us leave because of what the receptionist had said. But anyway, we get there, the receptionist is being really bitchy, still. I was just hoping that the doctor wouldn't be so mean to me. I wasn't trying to be late, but I have a 16 month old, and bringing him with me without another adult would have been a disaster (as much as I love him, he does not like to sit/stand still and will get into anything his little heart desires), so I needed someone to watch him. I asked my sister to be there by 11, and she wasn't, and that was out of my control. I mean, I DID feel bad, don't get me wrong, but I was definitely thinking that she would have been a little more understanding, but whatever.

So I fill out the paperwork, get called to go back into the exam room, and the doctor and the vet tech was REALLY nice! So I was happy about that. They checked to see if he he has any vision in his eye. He can see a real tiny bit, there's a small spot in his eye that was responding, so like I said, probably shadows or something. They checked his eye pressure, said it was an 18 and that's a good thing. They did the eye dye, said that it's a good thing we caught it early. He said so far, things are in his favor. We're not out of the woods yet, but there's still a decent chance for his eye to be saved.

They kept him on the same eye drops, put him on another antibiotic eye drop, and gave us a new eye ointment. I have to do all three of them 4 times a day. We gotta go back in 10 days and see how it is. But he said that he is definitely going to require cataract surgery. He said it will absolutely need the surgery, otherwise he'll keep getting these ulcers. But that's not the urgent thing right now, right now is healing his ulcer.

So I'm going to keep saving up my money and selling the dog treats and we're going to get his eye all fixed and perfect for him! This little guy has had a rough life and I want the rest of his life to be absolutely astounding! I love him SO much. He is such a good boy. I knew I loved him the very first moment I seen him on MWBTR's website. Ozzy is love.

And now, I probably should have asked the ophthalmologist these questions, but I felt a bit rushed because of the rude receptionist. I will ask him next time, but in the meantime, I was wondering if any of y'all could help me understand Ozzy's eye situation a little better? Because to me, it just looks awful. But the ophthalmologist said it looks like it's healing.

Red stuff? - Is this a blood vessel? I think I read somewhere that it's a good thing if there is a blood vessel because that means blood is going to the eye to try and heal it. Is this a blood vessel? Is that what it's doing, helping to heal his eye?

Brown stuff? - I haven't the slightest idea what the brown is. Does anybody know what that is? Do you know what it might be or mean?

Indent? - The part that I circled, you can kind of see the outline of it, but that part of his eye is actual indented. Is that the actual ulcer? The ophthamologist said he has a melting ulcer, and I looked up "melting ulcer" and I guess a melting ulcer destroys the stroma? So does that mean that even when the ulcer heals, he won't have vision in that spot where the indent was? Will the indent stay there forever, or will it fill out again?

Thanks for any help you can offer me! Since the ophthalmologist said his eye looks like it's healing, I'm definitely going to take his word for it, but in the meantime, I'm just curious about this stuff. Oh, and the fur around his eye looks all goopy because of the eye ointment we have to give him. He hasn't really had discharge from his eye, other than his eye sometimes watering (but it's clear), so I guess that should be considered another good sign, right?

Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers, guys! They seem to be working thus far!! Yay!!!
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