June 19th, 2010

Amazed & Grateful!

Alright, so I have sold over 1000 treats. I've made 1000 of them, and have like 800 more to make! My sales have reached a little over $600 just short of 2 weeks. Becky, from MWBTR, requested I set up a ChipIn account because she had quite a few friends interested in helping, but didn't want treats. That has raised another $160 so far. This is entirely overwhelming, in a good way. When this idea first popped in my head, I did not expect it to happen like this! Ozzy has been featured on Miley & Howie's (Monster Paparazzi) twitter and will be on their Momo's blog/facebook this week (Kevin & Amanda). The blog, Heir to Blair, put the shop button up on her blog for all to see. Becky is also making a flier with his pictures and story and collecting donations this weekend at various MWBTR events.

Even those who haven't been able to buy some treats have helped out by keeping my Ozzman in their thoughts/prayers and/or sharing my Etsy store with their friends and family. It's been really nice to see the kindness of others and it makes me so happy!

I'm just so overwhelmed with gratitude. I really can't believe all the amazing people who are willing to help my Ozzman out. It's just amazing and beautiful! I know this is a mushy, lovey-dovey post...but a lot of you have helped out so I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you awesome people out there who have helped us out in any way. It's been really amazing.

If my Etsy shop continues to be successful, once Ozzy's eye has healed and he's had the surgery and all the check ups and all of that, I have officially decided to keep it going. But not for my own benefit. But to try and give back! After Ozzy's eye is all taken care of, I'm going to donate all proceeds to animal rescues. I'll pick a new rescue every month. So, if you guys want to PM me links to all the rescues you know of, I'll put them in my bookmarks so that way when the time comes, I'll be ready to go!

That's still a bit away, as I'm still $3,230 away from the estimated cost of care, but I'm really determined. And I'm really determined to give back someday!

So yes, just thought I'd thank you all! Bless your hearts. And hug all your Bostie's for me! THANK YOU!!

Ozzy thanks you too. :)

P.S. I'll have an actual update about his eye in a few days. His check up is Monday at 4pm!
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