August 24th, 2010

Dogs go fishing!

So we've been without the a/c for about two weeks. Living without a/c in Florida is like locking yourself in those sauna steam rooms... So in order to cool down the boys, we completely hosed down the cement of our screened patio and filled up the pups' kiddie pool. I tempted them by throwing their treats into the water to get them wet. Coco, the pap-cavalier mix, and Tito, my boston, immediately began to preoccupy themselves by figuring out how to get the treat. You can't see Ziggy, my chi-IG mix, because he is deathly afraid of the water. Just so you know, I had to teach Tito to stick his head in the water. He couldn't figure it out. I tried to teach Coco but he prefers to use his paw than get his face wet. :D

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