January 7th, 2011

emo with goggles

Boston health question

I receiver a call from my mother tonight asking me where the nearest emergency vet was. I told her and asked her what was wrong. She told me emo was not breathing. Emo is my boston terrier i grew up with, but stayed with my parents while I was in college and then moved out of the house. Emo is the one in my user icon.
They rushed her to the clinic and did xrays. Xrays didnt show anything and by this point her breathing was getting better. My mom then explained what happened.
Emo was chewing on this bone that she gets once a week. it is one of those that is meant to be ate. It is not a rawhide but sort of. my mom watches them while they eat them to ensure they don't get a chunck off and choke. Emo then stopped eating it and went over and stood by my dad. They noticed emo was shaking and was having difficulty breathing. Emo also would not walk. They rushed her to the emergency vet. The xrays don't show anything so the vet does not think she was choking on a piece of the bone. They gave her medicine to relax her throat to keep her air waves open.
My mom says they are now home, but she still is not acting quite right. My mom wondered if she had a stroke, but when i googled the symptoms of a dog stroke it does not seem to match up.
Emo is about nine years old.
Anyone had similar experience?
B in a drum

After 17 Months....

I was jumping with my kids (literally in the jump castle) at one of the indoor places here when my phone rang this morning. I didn't recognize the number, but answered it anyways to find out it was PetLink with the Boulder Valley Humane Society on the line for me. They had found our Boston Terrier, Woody about 20 miles away from our house and someone had brought him in this morning! I was in such shock and disbelief that I had a hard time comprehending, nonetheless speak without stuttering.

You see, Woody had gotten out under the fence while we were on vacation 17 MONTHS ago. My sister had left the patio door open for the dogs while she was at work. I posted signs and checked all the shelters, called all the vets, drove and walked the neighborhood, checked out every dog I ever saw for months. The only lead that I had gotten was that someone had seen him get chased by a guy on a motorcycle and that he had caught and ridden off with him. I thought surely he had been taken for dog fighting bait and was dead by now. The first question I asked on the phone was if he was alive.

Gathered up the kids and made my way to the Humane Society....and sure enough, it was Woody! Thank goodness for microchippping! When they finally brought him out to me he wiggled from his nose all the way down to his barely-existent tail. In the time he was gone I got pregnant and my daughter is now nearly 7 months old. He's taken too her quite well. If she's on the floor he has to be laying next to her. He follows me everywhere and has gone back to being good buds with our other BT as well.

We figure that he either got sold / given to someone or that someone just decided to keep him and not look for us. I think they did do some training with him, because he sits and comes better. (But he still pooped on my kitchen floor.) He's healthy and skinnier than he was before. Haven't had a chance to check out his teeth to see if they were fixed, but he's still intact. (We were planning to have a couple rotten teeth pulled and get him neutered when he ran away.) All in all, he's a happy dog and we're happy to have him back. :D