April 17th, 2011



Why do people feel the need to give their input about MY dog?! We all know that Bostons can have some energy but so what! We obviously picked the breed for a reason right? So why is it that just because my dog has energy people constantly insinuate that he isn't well trained?! Just because he has energy doesn't mean he doesn't listen to me. I'm so sick of people who don't even own a dog telling me that my dog isn't trained. He doesn't chew, go to the bathroom in the house, bite, bark, etc. He can be left alone for a few hours with NO issues. So stop telling me that just because he has energy that he's "untrained" UGH. /rant

does anyone else get this from non-boston owners?!
man what a wild beast huh?

he's just so crazy he must not be trained!!!