April 21st, 2012

Episode I Ani

Update of sorts, I never post here.

So today I said sort of goodbye to one of my pack(I had a group of six. The Boston, a Pit Bull, an American Bulldog, a Border Collie, a Catahoula, and a Pug).

I re-homed my Boston Terrier girl, Emily.

I have been flooded with messages from online and IRL people asking if I'm okay.

I've had Emily for 4 and half years. We met when she was less than 24 hours old and due to certain circumstances, she came home with me when she was 4 weeks old. I got her from a waitress named Sue, who I met at my old job. Sue is a very sweet lady. She loves her dogs, they're her world and why she breathes.

Late last year she lost one of her two Bostons, Sadie. She was PTS after a long illness. Then about a month or so ago, Roxanne(her remaining Boston) passed away in her sleep. Sue gave up. She just couldn't find the strength to do anything but work two jobs to pay off vet bills from Roxanne(she had a brain tumor). The vet still has the title to her truck until the remaining balance is paid.

Sue reminds me of my grandma(who passed away in 2009). She needs a dog. She can't just not have a dog. So after a bit of thought, I felt like the only right thing to do was give her Emily. Emily was born in her livingroom, she helped pull her out. So I called Sue last night and told her it was what I wanted to do. I wanted her to have Emily. They have a bond, despite some distance. She needs Emily and Emily needs her.

So today I took her over to Sue and we sat and visited for a while. Sue spent a lot of time crying. Emily jumped up on her bed and licked Sue's face. Whenever she cried, Emily would be right there to help. When we were just chatting, Emily was laying next to her with her feet on Sue's leg.

If you know Emily, she's a freakin' nutcase. She doesn't have an off button. When I try to hold her, she'll jump up and bite/lick my face. She leaps in the air and bites at my face(not mean, just excited and crazy dog). As soon as she was with Sue, she was totally different. She was so gentle and calm. She turned into just what Sue needed, like she knew Sue was hurting and needed a friend. I knew I made the right decision for sure.

Sue is only reluctant because she feels she's taking Emily from me. I'm trying to convince her that isn't the case. We also sort of all freaked out when we looked at pictures of Roxanne and realized Emily looks EXACTLY like her.

I told Sue, "How can you say no, when you lose your girl and one shows up that's the spitting image?"

So here's to you, Emily. You're making a difference for someone who really needed you.