Ashley (roxyoi301) wrote in boston_buddies,


Alright, you all convinced me. I'm about 98% sure now I'll be looking into getting a Boston Terrier. I already have a list of shelters in my area from other adoptions, and i know what those prices are for dogs. my dogs have always been from shelters, friends, or rescue companies, in other words i've never bought from a breeder before. my friend who has Bostons said I should look into Boston breeders as a back up just in case b/c she searched for them in shelters for over a year (never found one), and finally just decide to go with a breeder instead.

but i'll get to my point now, hehe, sorry i have a tendency to ramble. what is the average cost for a Boston? what's the price range most of you have run into when buying one of these cuties?

also again, thanks so much for the input from my other post. i appreciate it :)

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