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Brrrr, it's cold

So I haven't yet bought some duds for Milo, thinking that I had at least until Valentine's Day for another day of snow, if any snow would fall.  I expected we'd get maybe an inch and the next day it'd all be gone. 

Well, Dallas was hit with 4 inches of snow.  This probably isn't a big deal for a lot of cities that routinely deal with snow, but it snows so infrequently here that the city somewhat shuts down.  We don't have snow shovels, snow plows or salt to de-ice anything.  In fact, Texas is having rolling black outs because of the electricity demand as people stay home & try to stay warm in many parts of the state.  (We stocked up on firewood just in case.)

The last three days have been icy - Tuesday being the worst day.  This morning we awoke to the four inches of snow and little paw prints where our Boston had trotted out early to use the toilet.  He doesn't seem to mind the snow, but when the cold gets to him, he curls up next to the fire with his second favorite toy.


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