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Hi Everyone -

Bella just turned 5 a little over a week ago! However, she is not spayed and I know I need to do it...before people start asking why I didn't do it earlier or think I'm a bad mommy - hear me out!

I loved Bella's first vet. However, she wanted Bella to develop a bit more before doing the procedure...unfortunately, the economy hit hard in AZ and she closed her doors.

I tried to find a vet that I trusted in my area, but I just couldn't. It never felt right and I didn't want a vet that I didn't trust doing the procedure.

Then I moved to Minneapolis...Again, tried searching for a vet a trust (which took a lot of time). I do trust the vet I go to now and we've discussed the procedure....but now that I'm thinking about a date to do it on, I am struck with an unreasonable amount of fear.

I am so scared of losing my dog...and just the prospect petrifies me. I fear that something would go wrong that couldn't be undone.

Does anyone here have experience spaying an "older" dog (as in, not a puppy)?
Does anyone here have any encouraging words?

I recognize that a lot of this is unreasonable fear on my behalf, however the only other experience with a dog having surgery was a bad one (my childhood dog was also 5 and died from surgery complications). I don't know what I'd do without my dog - she's the only friend I have that's not 1300 miles away!

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