Jenny (littlesunflower) wrote in boston_buddies,

Jealous bostons?

My littlest Boston, Daisy, is super jealous of our new baby. Gambit loves him and is super friendly but Daisy cannot stand him. I've tried to give her affection but she is very aloof to me unless I am nursing or changing the baby; then she demands my attention, like she is trying to make me choose her over him.

Recently she destroyed our brand new baby carrier (She pulled it down off the chair and chewed all the clasps off) because I was nursing. I feel stupid leaving it where she could pull it down and worried that she might have swallowed some of the clip. I also have no idea how I will get her to reconcile herself to our baby. I tried letting her sniff and sit near him and talking softly to her while I nurse but she won't go near him.

Any tips on how I can help her overcome her jealousy?

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