noisywallflower (noisywallflower) wrote in boston_buddies,

Thanks, guys, for your feedback regarding Sadie's lump. The results are not yet in, but I'll know what's going on with that within the coming week. Unfortunately, the vet found another problem. While doing bloodwork before the surgery they found that Sadie has an imbalance in the enzymes of her liver. She's taking a potent Sam E supplement and soon she'll have more bloodwork done to see just what the problem is.

Her pain medicine is easy enough to get her to take because it's a syringe that just squirts into her mouth, her Sam E supplement is another story. It's a chewable tablet and there is no easy way to get her to take it. Do you have any ideas? I tried wrapping it in cheese and lunch meat with no luck. It's weird because she eats her heart worm meds like they're candy!

I hope you and yours had a nice Thanksgiving!

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