Melinda (mindy1024) wrote in boston_buddies,

Dog Food

So back when I was a new Boston owner I learned that all dog foods are not created equal. I bought my boston Kermit NutroMax and she was eating that for years. I recently learned that even NutroMax was not as highly rated as I previously thought and gradually switched her over to Blue Buffalo brand dog food. She made the switch with no problems. However we are now on our second bag and she has been passing gas like something terrible! (I know, I know BTs are always stinky) but this a great increase. (After spending weekends with my in-laws who feed their dogs not great food (which Kermie eats when we are there) she has horrible gas) So I am just wondering what is up? Anyone have any thoughts? We don't really give treats so all other things are the same. (Kermie is 7 if that helps anything)

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