think of me sweetly. (aheadsuretospin) wrote in boston_buddies,
think of me sweetly.

Another Emily update and a pic of my monster.

So I went around 7pm to pick up Emily. There was a lot of talking and a lot of tears.

Emily warmed up to Sue more than she's warmed up to anyone. A lot of the time I was there, she sat with Sue and licked her face.

Sue doesn't talk about her personal stuff much. Just her kids and her dogs. Tonight she opened up and I totally understand why she couldn't keep Emily. She's not well, she's never been really healthy, but she's been given a time frame(between thyroid issues, COPD, aneurysms), she's having black outs and is about to get her drivers license taken away. She's taking about 40 medications a day to keep going.

She said she didn't want to say anything, but she needs me to know not keeping Emily is more than guilt.

So I told her that if she ever wants to take her for a weekend, or if she wants to watch her while I'm at the police academy next month, she's more than welcome. Just let me know if she needs a dog to hug and I'll bring her over.

So after a few hours of visiting, Em and I headed home. We stopped at the store and I got her an ice cream. Right now she's curled up with Bunny in his crate.

I snapped this pic when we stopped at the store. She's a good riding buddy.


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