sinnomngrl (sinnomngrl) wrote in boston_buddies,

Mometamax ear drops WARNING!!

Hello everybody.This is my first post to the community in a long while,and regrettably its not a happy update.For those of you unfamiliar with my situation,I am the proud owner of three BT babies who I love beyond measure.I have only had BTS since I was 16 when I adopted my first and fell for the breed.
My Bts now are Dizzy Marie aged 12,Six aged 11,and Tony who is 7.Here they are in happy times :)

In any case,Dizzy was prescribed Mometamax for her ear infection early this spring.After a week worth of daily drops,I noticed she wasnt responding to her name,or the word treats,and she seemed increasingly disoriented.It became obvious to me that her hearing had been affected,and after a brief search online I came across a ghastly amount of sad stories concerning older dogs losing their hearing after being treated with the drug.It seems to affect older dogs primarily.What I find inexcusable is that nowhere in the literature does it warn about the possibility of deafness in older dogs.My vet said nothing,and here I am typing this after damn near 16 weeks,heartbroken for my best friend.Some folks in forums say their dogs hearing came back after some months,and I hope to find myself in that lottery.I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about these drops.Best wishes and Boston kisses

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