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Since we are all talking about color. I thought I would post these pics of rebel when he is teeny tiny. This is when my parents went to go pick him out. They had to drive hella far so they took pics of him so my brother and I could see.

That is rebel's mom. He looks just like her. same eyes and ears. He is the one flat out with the cow spots and yellow butt. hahaha

 Rebel is total purebread and you can see all the other puppies are the traditional markings.. Dont know what happened to him. My parents picked him because he was different.

I cant imagine not wanting or not loving a puppy because they're markings are off!!

My mom holding him

Breeder holding him

Here is he now

I think that fawn puppy that was posted is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!! It is good to be different :)

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