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Not a full boston?

Ok, so there was this debate when I got Bailey whether he was Boston or French Bulldog... the first vet I took him to, one I worked for previously and loved, said " OMG What an adorable frenchie mix!!" the minute I walked through the door. Then when I came to Baton Rouge, some people I worked with at another vet said he didnt look any Frenchie, all Boston.

Well, well... I was looking over the AKC Standards for fun.. and it appears.. he is BOTH!

1-Bat ears qualifies for Frenchie.. and BOY does he have some ears.. I was worried he would never grow into them. LOL.
2-Brindle markings can be either.. the "know-it-all" at the BR Vet said Frenchies are never brindle.. well, they are. :P
3-BT have to have a white streak between the eyes.. and Bailey Man does not..
4-But he is built like a Boston. He isnt stocky like a Frenchie.

I always called him a Boston Mix since all that disussion at the last vet, but apparently my little man is a bit of both. (Was bored here and decided to share)

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