Zoltar (locatei) wrote in boston_buddies,

I just joined a few days ago so I am not too sure if it's okay to post about boston terriers in need of a home, but here I go. I don't see why it'd be a bad idea?

I posted a few days ago about how i might get a deaf boston terrier. We heard from the person associated with the breeder and the boston terrier is being placed as i write this, but only for a trial first. We'll know if it's a permanent home by monday or so, but it doesn't sound like we will get her/him. Awwww. We'll still wait and see, if we can't get her/him for sure, we will keep looking for another, doesn't have to be deaf.

Anyway i was looking at this site for deaf dogs in need for a home. There's two deaf boston terriers on there but one doesn't live near us at all and the another doesn't get along with children and we have kids over at times. So i thought perhaps i'd post about them here if anyone is interested. I also found a boston terrier who walks in a wheelchair, actually in the state beside us but we're not sure if we're up for that at this point, once we have a house and a yard, we'd love to adopt all sorts of dogs with all sorts of disabilities. Anyhoo here's the links to the dogs.

NICKY An one year old deaf boston terrier located in San Francisco, CA.

LADDY A nine year old deaf boston terrier located in Plymouth, MA.

BOSLEIGH A 8 years old boston terrier that walks with the help of a cart, located in Freehold, NJ

and this one has no disabilities;

TODD A five years old boston terrier located in Somerset County, PA. This one lives not too far from us but at the original website where the dog is located, apparently he doesn't like bigger dogs and we have one bigger dog :(

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