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Violets update

Hey everyone. Omg, having a puppy is much harder than I thought. Violet's sleeping clock in completely messed up and I was up last night every hour. I'm so tired. But today I took her to the vet and here's her list (which the breeder didn't tell me and I'm really pissed:

  1. heart murmur - the vet said it was common in puppies, so I'm not that worried.
  2. frontal hole - the hole in her skull has not completely closed yet, so they're going to watch it and if it doesn't, there are going to be tests as to whether she has water on her brain, but again the vet said one time she could fit her thumb pad in the hold of a Maltese's (sp?) and she was fine, so I'm praying.
  3. one of her eyelashes in irritating her eyes, so there was green discharge coming out so we got antibiotic cream and already there is a differencte.

::sigh:: and she weighs 6.3 lbs at 7 weeks, which the vet said is pretty good and that she'll grow to be a big/25 lb-er Boston.....oh lord! 25lbs....I'm hoping she might be a little smaller. But is all of this normal? I started crying when the vet told me all of this. Eek!

Okay, one more thing and then I'm done. Funny story about what she did when I introduced her to my other doggie, Jake....well, she thought he was her momma and got something in ther mouth and it scared the crap out of him, so if you can get my drift then I can stop here. I'll post more pictures later when I'm not tired....



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