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Hi All!

My name is Tammy and I'm a Boston Terrier Owner. (Obviously, or else why would I be here?? LOL)

Last November, I was at work at the Police Station when my mom (who also works there) came back to the comm center with an adorable bouncy little dog. Someone had found her wandering the streets and dropped her off. I immediately claimed her (how could I not?!) and brought her home. 4 months later, she rules the roost. Her name is Oreo, but I usually call her "B" (short for BRAT!!). She's all love and hugs and I'm so happy to have her as my own. I'm not sure if she's a pure bred BT, since she has rather large ears and distinctive coloring (I've never seen a BT with an all white face.....anyone else?) but she's fine the way she is...

And now, for the pictures!

Whatcha doin?

Get the baby!!!!

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