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In regards to the previous chew-toy post, I think I've finally found a good product!

It is made by Hartz and while I think Hartz's flea prevention products are AWFUL and strongly urge anyone I see with it NOT to use it (ask me if you want to know more about this), I have found that they do have some pretty cool toys!

Today I was in the local grocery store's pet aisle and found the Hartz DENTAL Tooth Scrubber. So far Basil seems to LOVE it! The rings in the middle move and have grippy things that are supposed to scrub their teeth while they chew. They feel just like a Kong. Basil chews on the harder plastic ends more than the inside rings, but my main reason for buying it was to give him something to chew on, not to clean his teeth. It was reasonably priced too, at I think around $3.59 or so. MUCH cheaper than any of the Kong line of toys! Since the middle rings do move quite a bit I probably won't let him have it unsupervised until I see how it goes, but it's worth a shot!

Also, I was shopping downtown today and was in and out of cute little boutiques all day.. Several of them had dog art, but I couldn't find anything with Bostons! Do any of you know of any websites or anything that have cool BT art?

ps- Just so you all are aware- Basil does NOT like having his teeth brushed! hehe ;)

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