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pax has a bad middle or inner ear infection, and the vet is afraid he might need surgery to have it drained. she said she hopes it doesn't get that bad because she doesn't do that procedure...and she doesn't even know who to refer us to for it. there aren't any vets in our area who can do it.

she ran some blood work and said there are signs of an infection, so he is on a round of antibiotics...he goes back next week to see if he's any better. when i took him in to the vet yesterday, she had to sedate him just to look inside the ear with the scope because it was so painful that he was screaming and biting and trying to run away. at home, he keeps holding his head to the right, and closing his eyes, and shaking his head because it's hurting him so much. it breaks my heart for him, bless his little heart. please send your prayers/happy thoughts out to him.

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