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because i just seriously cannot get enough

Lele leaves tommorrow, so tonight we took pictures with Lunchbox.  There is a video as well, which I would give my life to be able to post, but sadly that is not possible.  She is possessed by the Devil, and I love her.  If you have had enough of the Box, kindly disregard this entire post.  We are not dial-up friendly:


Get ready for this one:

She does not enjoy the rubberband:


It's Lucifer, I'm sure of it.  Either that or George W:





As a mother, this is terribly frightening:


I swear it looks like we're torturing her, but we're not.  She's hilarious while she's doing all these crazy things, and the pictures make it look like some horrific dog torture session but I assure you, she friggin' loves it.  She comes back for more every time.

And for a fine farewell, a little ass and acorn on the head:

That was fun.








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