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The Vacuum

Earlier today I was vacuuming and my puppies (Lilo & Stich) went crazy! Everytime I go to take the vacuum out of the closet they freak out and run to the kitchen. When I go down the hall I have to turn off the vacuum cleaner so that they can go to another room. They are so scared of "the monster that wants to eat them." When I was vacuuming in the hall I accidentally got their rubber squeaky toy in the vacuum cleaner. It smelled like burnt rubber and it was really gross! I got the chew toy out though! Anyways, we used to have a boston terrier named Bubby, and when we vacuumed he barked and barked at it and tried to eat it... that always made me laugh until my stomach hurt! I am still tired from going to sleep so late last night after Mommie and I cleaned out my brother's room. We are going to boomtown tonight and I can't wait! It is gonna be sooooo much fun! Maybe my Mommie will let me make red beans and rice! Gotta call her and ask her ;D Well I will talk to ya'll later!

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