CC's pizza (lots_of_rubbish) wrote in boston_buddies,
CC's pizza

Hi Everyone

I didn't have much computer access for a while so lots of stuff has happened. (I used to be inthecornergirl). My dog Spanky died, he was put down for various medical reasons.. one day he just began struggling to breathe. He was only 10, I feel like he should have lived a longer life.. :( my best friend is gone.

I've moved since then; I'm now living with my mom, who has a one year old practically still a puppy Boston named Blue (he has one blue eye and one brown eye). He's really weird but I fell for him anyways (even though he's not Spanky). He likes to nibble on fingers and toes and has like a million toys he scatters around the house, so many that we put a Tupperware storage bin in the corner to keep his piles of abducted stuffed animals in. Oh, and he's allergic to grass. If he goes outside and rolls around in it his belly gets really, really pink and irritated. He gets mad if someone drinks a bottle of water in front of him and doesn't let him sip it, and if someone is sitting at the table on the back porch, he will jump up and sit in the chair across from them and try to "talk" with these low growling noises. He gets on my nerves but there's no avoiding his


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