Lynne (iheartpenguins) wrote in boston_buddies,

So yes, Printer for sale.
If you're somewhat near my area and interested, let me know, I'd be willing to meet up with you or deliver it if you'd like.

-Espon Stylus C40ux
-Comes with cartridges already, 2 or 3 black and color ink I know of
-Software included, and if not, it's downloadible online
-Good quality, but kind of slow printing
-it's an older model, but it has served me well, we got a new printer with our camera so we dont need it anymore
-Ideal for prinint reports or projects, etc.
-All I'm asking is $30

Ask around. Contact me if you're interested, please. I want to get rid of it in a week or two so I can replace it with my new printer. :)
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