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Tiger Electronics has a line of toys called FURREAL FRIENDS. 
And guess what!!! THEY HAVE A BOSTON!  I HAD to get one!!! 
It's adorable and it's MINE MINE MINE!

Meet Wroofus!  A.K.A. Roofie!
Meet Roofus... A.K.A. Roofie!
He is named after one of the many nicknames I gave Bubby; Bubbaroofus!
He sounded like he was saying "roof roof roof" when he barked!

The wogga butts don't know what to make of him!
At first when it whimpered (yes, it whimpers and barks and opens his widdle eyes!)
Lilo's mothering instict came out - that is until she sniffed it -
Then she gave me a look like, "It's a frickin' toy Mom!  Get a grip!"


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