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Hey guys! Long time no post :). First off I wanna say hey and welcome to all the new comers- your pups are all gorgeous!

Also, I need your help majorly!!
If you remember, a while back I posted about making doggie necklaces. Sounds silly, but after seeing how much the darn things were going for on Ebay, I decided I could make some equally as pretty or even better. And I did. I planned on using Ebay to start my little "store." Although, as soon as I was whipping up some really gorgeous collars, my camera decided to die :/. I made a few after that, but it has pretty much come to a stop.

Well.. A few weeks ago my mom and I went down to Hampden, MD to walk around the main street because they have all KINDS of fabulous little boutiques. One of which happens to be a cool doggie store, called Chow, Baby! with a wonderfully nice owner who took the time to talk to me about my new baby (she loves Bostons! she got excited and took her BT calendar off the wall for me to look at, hehe).

Anyways, my mom was in there a few days ago and was talking to her for a while.. She mentioned the necklaces I had been making and how I was disappointed that my camera broke so I couldn't sell them now. She immediately asked my mom if she thought I'd be interesting in working up a consignment deal and have her sell them in her shop! My mom mentioned that I don't really know what I'm doing, and the lady said she would take the time to look at some samples with me and help come up with some basic sizes I should make and prices. She was encouraging too! Saying things like "oh, don't worry- you wouldn't believe how much $$ people spend on their pets" and things.

Of course I am extatic to hear this! Now the problem is.. If I am going to be selling these things, I think I should have some website or something so that when people buy them, they can have an opportunity to contact me, see other designs I have for sale in case they wanted another one.. things like that. In order to do so I need to come up with a name for this little business adventure! Considering I have a tough time even thinking of usernames online, this is incredibly difficult for me!

My Sheltie of 12 years who recently passed was named Cricket, so I'd kind of like to incorporate her name into it, but I'm having trouble with that. That's pretty much the only idea I have so far, but please, suggestions would be SO MUCH appreciated!! I also need help with a logo, so if any of you are feeling bored/creative, feel free to make me some samples!

Thanks in advance, guys.


(this will most likely be x-posted like a mofo)

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