heather (pierandocean) wrote in boston_buddies,

today, paxil got a new toy similar to this. except his was frog, not a cameleon.

it was the cutest little thing!...it squeeked and stuck out its tongue when you squeezed it!

well...notice how i said it WAS the cutest little thing??

that's cuz 5 minutes after it was given to him, he'd chewed the squeeker out...

10 minutes later, he'd torn the tongue off so that when you squeezed it, it sounded like a whoopie cushion...

and about 15 minutes after THAT, he tore the entire nose off the poor little froggy!!

i wish i'd taken pictures of the various stages of its demolition. it was amazing!

it was promptly taken after from him so that he didn't ingest little pieces of latex. which made him very sad, cuz he obviously liked the toy a whole lot...he only tears up the ones that are dear to his heart. ;)

so...the lesson we learned today is that latex toys are NOT for boston terriers. now you all know, and knowing is half the battle!

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