animals_in_need (animals_in_need) wrote in boston_buddies,

two deaf boston terriers in need of a loving home

PLEASE TAKE NOTE that the dogs i advertise are not mine, nor am i fostering them. I am advertising dogs that are from the www.deafdogs/org website, as an attempt to find some dogs a good home.

Laddy, a male boston terrier located in Plymouth, MA, is in urgent need of a loving home asap. Laddy likes to sleep on your bed, but he's also happy to stay in his bed in another room if that works out better. He snorts and snores pretty loudly. He's really a wonderful boy who deserves a safe, loving home. He will sit for hours if you'll pet him. Our impression is that he wasn't petted much through a lot of his life!

To learn more about Laddy, go here

Nicky, a male boston terrier located in San Francisco, CA, is in urgent need of a loving home asap. Nicky is a fabulous dog! He will do BEST in a stable, structured environment. He does not always do well when new things are thrown at him. When he gets stressed, he turns in circles. He could be good as a city dog, with visits to a fenced dog park, or in a suburban environment. He LOVES snuggling with people in bed, playing with toys and playing with other dogs. He has learned few signs to date. Oddly I tried teaching him a sign for his name, which he ignores! He always watches me though ... comes when I pat my leg with my hand. I have two other deaf dogs here, and I think he has benefitted from being around them. He is a loving little fella, and will make someone a great companion animal! He's ready to learn and to thrive! Nicky has tremendous potential.

To learn more about Nicky, go here

To look at deaf dogs in general that need a home, please go here
To learn more about deaf dogs, please look at this and check out deaf_pets.

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