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Quick Story

Kinda funny that I'm a 'watcher' for the most part on this community & suddenly post twice in one day!

Anyway, last week my brother & his girlfriend stopped by our house on their way down south. They brought with them a huge honking mutt of a dog who immediately started getting familiar with the girls. Dixie ran upstairs with her tail between her legs.

Chasey on the other hand decided enough was enough. She started with a few growls, but soon her lip was snarling up the side & she was stalking stiff-legged towards the brute. He attempted one more sniff & that was it. She launched herself at him, snarling & nipping, successfully driving him into the protective custody of his mommy. Now, remember, this dog is about 5x her size!

Subsequently, whenever the dog would move, Chasey would start stalking him. She was totally picking a fight!

Heh, just thought I'd share my little punk's adventure:D

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