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entries for any month :)

It doesn't matter to me what month these are submitted for.. So whichever month has the least entries, feel free to use mine for it, since they really don't have a theme.

I love this picture, because of his expression. He's got that intelligent, dignified BT look. No he is not a cross-dresser, I forced him to model the first doggie-necklace I ever made :).

I had to enter this one, because his face just looks so cute and friendly in thos one. I want to grab his squishy face and give him a big old kiss! hehe.

He is fearless!! :)

Behold THE EARS in action:

(these are mostly just for fun, but if you like them for the calendar I won't stop you from voting ;)!)

I think I've posted most of these before, but I just love this calendar idea so I thought I'd give it a try. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

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