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I though the calendar was a good idea, and I'm really happy that it brought out a lot more pictures than would probably be posted. I've gotten to see so many personalities that I most likely would not have seen unless the Calendar subject was brought up. My favorite holiday is Halloween and Xmas, so seeing Bostons in their outfits made my day. Seriously. Everyones babies are so precious (and I love the baby pics of Bella, may I add). I understand people have their opinions, but lets remember why we joined in the first place and just be happy. When I get home, I look forward to checking my Friends Page and seeing who's posted and what they posted. This is my favorite community and when I've had questions or worries about my baby Violet, everyone has been supportive, and that's what we're all about. To give our babies a great home and life full of love and to enjoy that. So in that sense, I'm going to post some pictures. I got Violet an Angel costume for Halloween, but we're still getting used to it. This is just something to look at and enjoy and not think about the calendar for a post!


(Nap Time with Mommy)

(I love Donkey....I just need shrek now)

ps. where does everyone get their costumes for their babies? I found a pirate costume right after I bought her the angel one, but I want to dress her up!


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