against the stream (againsthestream) wrote in boston_buddies,
against the stream

Hi, we have two Bostons', Blue and Dali. Blue is 13 and Dali is a puppy (about 6 months old) and one Basset Hound, Izzy who is a puppy too (about 5 months old).
Dali and Izzy (the puppies) are like sisters. They love each other! Here are some pictures of them on the day we brought Izzy home. Dali was so psyched to have a new playmate because Blue doesn't like to play so much.
Both Dali and Izzy are getting spayed (sp?) tomorrow and we are nervous for them. I hate that they have to go through surgery. :(

Dali is psyched to have a sister!

I think Izzy might have been thinking: "What kind of dogs live here? I'm slow and low and they're fast!"

Playing outside

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