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hey guys
Rebel was stung by a yellow jacket today. His face swelled up and I took him to my Vet and they gave him a shot of Benedril and kept him for a few hours.
He seemed fine, a little swollen but much better. He came home and ate, did the usual stuff. Then tonight he threw up, was acting a little strange. Later on he did it again and I noticed that he has a few hives on his body. I called the emergency vet cuz it's so late now, and of course they said bring him in if you want, or just watch him. In two weeks, I've spent about 600 on Tink and Rebel at the vet and I don't want to rush off to the emergency, he seems ok now except for his hives.
Any advice??? should I take him? or wait till morning and take him back to his regular vet that already treated him today. Help!!!

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