Loving Life (llinthesand) wrote in boston_buddies,
Loving Life

Cleaning fun!

   It is SO pitiful!  I am TRYING to clean the living room without any help, so I have the baby gates closed (we have the room gated off so they can't get in if we don't want them to --- sometimes company doesn't appreciate a bath when they come over!  Go figure!).  So my two little doodie butts sit at the gate and look at me so cutsie... I talk to them and tell them that they cannot help even though I know that they MAY like the taste of dust, I can do it by myself.  As I tell them this Stitch is licking the gate, SHOWING me that he CAN dust.  Little fart head.  Then they lay down facing me with those pitiful eyes... I look at them and they pretend to be bored.  Then they each roll upside down and look at me... following me with their sad eyes... pretending to look SOOOO bored and neglected.  Then they each "snurf" at me and go somewhere else... but return if I make ANY verbal noise whatsoever!!!  Then we repeat this as necessary *giggle* --- or until they decide that they want to outside and chase bugs!

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