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Well- Brian was heading to work tonight, so Zeke and I were outside saying goodbye. Being the monster that he is, Zeke jumped out of our arms as we were going inside and decided he wanted to run around like a maniac off leash. He was being very fiesty, and we were both running around trying to catch him with no luck.
There was a car coming closer, and it's a guy our age (in his twenties) who stopped and was like "Oh yeah, ours does that all the time. I'll bring her out so you can catch him" Brian had to leave, and while our neighbor went to get his dog I caught Zeke and put his leash on him. Well 2 minutes later he comes out with this beautiful little 8 month old boston named Hope! Zeke loved her and ran around like little maniacs for about 25 minutes. I told him how I'm always on the look out for other bostons for Zeke to be friends with, and he says that Hope loves all dogs just like Zeke, so hopefully we're going to be getting together and letting them play! I'm so excited to finally meet another boston owner, and not only that, but it looks like Brian and I have finally met nice neighbors to hang out with (he's married). YAY!!!!!

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