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07 September 2003 @ 11:28 pm
Reposting of Bailey's lost entries for cajunsunshyne.. if I spelled that right. ;)

March Madness



August-Back to School

October- Dress up!


Thanks again, sorry about all the problems.
I am feeling: tiredtired
Loving Life: Bluedy Moosllinthesand on September 8th, 2004 09:50 am (UTC)
Thanks... I've got up. One question though... do you have larger images of the bitmaps? I think October is my favorite - I ADORE the look on his face! hehehe
Robinlittlelexiee on September 8th, 2004 07:31 pm (UTC)
Yes, I have them on my computer, just wanted to scale them down to fit. Let me know if you need them. Thanks. :)