Zoltar (locatei) wrote in boston_buddies,

This may be a weird question, but how often does your boston terrier pee per day?
I am wondering if maybe Bam Bam is drinking too much water because we usually take him out 5 times per day to do his business, but still from time to time he will pee in the kitchen or bathroom. I'm thankful that he knows to not pee on the carpet (smart boy).

Our water dish is kind of large but we have another dog and she's much bigger than Bams, and drinks more of the water. We only fill the dish once a day usually unless it's empty. But i'm wondering if i should watch his water intake more, so I'm curious how much do you take out your boston terrier and how much would you say your bt drinks per day?

I think it could also be the fact that he just moved to our place a bit over a week ago (we adopted him, he's a rescue dog), so he's still adjusting to a new life with a new family and needs a bit of time? We'll see.

ALSO another thing, something really funny. Bam Bam likes to climb onto our laps and place his front legs on our shoulders and stick his chest into our face with his cute lil head up in the air. Does your boston terrier do that?? We never saw a dog so that before, it's so cute. We have a few theories as what he's doing. What do you think?

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