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Bath Day

Difs (my incredibly stupid pet name for 'Rista) got a bath today, so she was all frisky and scooting around like a crazy boston (well, crazier than usual anyways), now she's all pooped out from her exciting adventure, so she's fast asleep in a pleasant smelling ball on a pile of pillows she managed to arrange on the couch down here (in the basement) I was reading that Heart in the city comic on that website, I love that comic, and the author obviously knew or had a boston, he got it down so perfectly, I just wish they could have kept it. But the comic gave me an idea, we should havea boston watch, whenever we see a Boston in a movie or commercial, we report it (like we wouldn't anyways)

Oh, and in answer to "where did I get my icon?" I just google image searched "bostons", found it, shrunk it in adobe image ready and presto, Boston pianist!

p.s. does any one know how to post pictures in communities? I do some boston artwork, if anyway wants an e-mail of it. (It's kind of, Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe) What's impressive (I'm bragging now) is that I did it in paint!!

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