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The simple things.

There is no real purpose to this entry.

I just wanted to let you all know, that this community has really helped me.

I have a dead-end job, a life full of pointless and tiresome drama, college, and all the other awesome things to look forward to in life, like bills, and living paycheck to paycheck.

sometimes, like today, it all hits me at once, and i just want to fade away...

but i come to the community, and looking at all these pictures, and reading all these stories, just sends this wave of uncontrollable happiness over me, and i get confused for a moment on what emotion to feel, and it brings tears to my eyes. literally.

who would have thought a simple thing, like a beautiful frog dog, could do that to a person?

i'll admit, i'm not an overly active poster, and i'm sure there are others like me, but to you loyal posters, just know, you are an inspiration in my life, as well as many others.

so i'm going to go to sleep, and have to deal with everythng all over again tomorrow, but at least i have something to look forward to tomorrow night, and the night after...and the night after...

not to get all emotional or anything, because that might damage my "manly" persona. hehe ;)

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