Little Black Raincloud (acrylica) wrote in boston_buddies,
Little Black Raincloud

Two questions.

My fiancee, who has raised many bostons, told me that most strongly dislike water. Elmo, ours, seems to enjoy it, but to keep him clean he has also been showering with either my fiancee or myself a couple times a week since he was two months old. He is always enthusiastic about this, asking to go into the shower whenever he comes into the bathroom. How do other bostons feel about water, and what do you guys do to keep yours clean?

Second question :
Gas. We've probably all experienced a boston's lovely ability to stink up a room. Does anyone know how to keep it in check? Elmo farts like a well-oiled machine....constantly. My fiancee and I don't really mind, but if there was something we could feed him to make it a little more bearable it would be nice.

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