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Yeah!! 'Rista is home

Difs is home, I'm so happy. The receptionist told us wrong, they didn't take out two teeth, they examined the one tooth and found that it had been broken in 3 places and was indeed infected. I'm glad I noticed that before it got really bad. They said she was an absolute sweety and a good dog, she gave them no trouble, hasn't bugged her stitches (I think she hasn't noticed the stiches since her mouth hurts so much) and when they gave her the antibiotics, she ate them! It was funny, because she's used to burying her food in her blanket in her kennel, eating some, and then saving the rest for the next day, she's always done it. The assitant said she heard the metal bowl in the kennel crashing around, and so she went in there, and Rista had pushed all her food under the bowl, and in the corners and sides of the cage, since she had no blanket. I thought that was hilarious. I guess she figured she couldn't save it, so she then promptly ate it all. Since she can't have too much water (and she usually drinks gallons) I've been giving her icecubes to suck on, helps with the swelling. She's passed out right now in her Jurrasic park blankie on the chair next to mine. I'm just so glad she's home! :)

Holly and Rista

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