Zoltar (locatei) wrote in boston_buddies,

Hey fellow BT owners and worshippers...

I was wondering how often do you wash your boston terrier? Our Bam Bam seems to get stinky after only a bit more than a week. We have no idea how or why he gets stinky but it's just the way it is, so we wash him almost weekly with a shampoo for animals with senstive skin in small portions. Just curious if you wash your dog as often?

Also, we just discovered through recently getting the vet papers from the old owners that Bam Bam has this problem where his anal glands swell up and needs to be drained. Recently one of his glands started swelling up. We just noticed friday night, and our vet is closed for the weekend. So we will be visiting the vet tomorrow asap. I have no idea how frequent this happens. The old owners told us nothing, as he is a rescue dog pretty much.

He also has started peeing and pooing in the house, it's so frequent that we are cleaning up after him everyday. We take him out all the time everyday, so not really sure why he is doing this. We're thinking of getting a litter box for him. Any thoughts? We don't hold any water back from him as we don't really want to do that and we have another dog that is much bigger and would get pissed off at us if we even dared to do that ;) We feed them both twice a day, Bam Bam gets two small scoops of dry food, mixed with a bit of wet food, a day, while our durf gets 4 scoops.

He is 7 years old btw. His journal is bigbamtheory.

Nonetheless we couldn't love him any more. He's such a sweetheart!!!!!!!!!! Cannot get over it.
Just curious about your experiences with your boston terrier.

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